UFO: The BFRO Bigfoot Sighting – Bigfoot’s Reaction

It’s spring in Idaho, the water is hurrying down from melting snow scaring the hell out of folks as it rushes down the roads of some Idaho mountain communities.

One daffodil has poked its head in my front backyard.

There is a dead starling in the front lawn too.

I’m terrified to touch it. I don’t recognize if it passed away from the West Nile infection or the Chinkeroo bird influenza.

My spell mosaic claims there is no such word as Chinkeroo. There is currently. I just like that “contribute to thesaurus” attribute.

Anyway, I simply came back from Seattle and the fantastic Northwest. When I obtained house, Xrytspet © from Fanton in G10009845788899990766 asked me if I had a possibility to talk with Bigfoot once again. This is just how that went:

Hack Writer: No! During, except when they were sleeping, I was playing with the triplets and their large sibling.

Xrytspet: I understand where Bigfoot is.

Hack: I think he’s back from Florida. Did he have a great winter being the Swamp Ape?

Xrytspet: He swiped away in among those humongous Flying force freight jets. It was gone to Fort Lewis so that the troops could complete their cargo-loading training.

Hack: I went to Air Portability College at Ft Sill in 1950 or early 1951. We packed the plane and took off for a trip over Texas. We “passed” because the freight really did not change and squash all of us.

Xrytspet: Your absence of focus is phenomenal. We were speaking about Bigfoot.

Hack: Sorry!

Xrytspet: He was spotted by a member of BFRO at a lawn sale in Fostoria, Oregon. The BFRO member was Cindy Maintain Looking For of Yakima.

Phontos, the last Chican, was disguised as one of the normal bottoms that go to lawn sales yet Cindy Maintain Seeking caught a whiff of him as well as saw his excellent size. Nobody noticed but Cindy Keep Looking For.

The secretary of the organization stated, “Bigfoot at a lawn sale. Bigfoot lives in the forest.”

Cindy Keep Looking for told the organization “Go straddle a flying knife-edged desire catcher!” and also she quit. Her last comment was, “You morons believe in every bump in the night but you can not believe a sighting by a Yakima Indian in wide daytime!”

Hack: That’s a big loss to BFRO. They must learn to be a lot more forgiving of their participant’s observations, particularly if the member is an Indigenous American that is specialist in area observations. What in the heck is the BFRO, anyhow?

Xrytspet: You’re resting at your computer system, bonehead.

I looked for BFRO and thought of their website.

Hack: I saw these guys on tv. They assert to be “The only clinical research organization checking out the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery.”

Xrytspet: Well, they missed their possibility. Phontos made a decision to get out of there and is investing the summer on Hudson Bay.

Xrytspet: He was bigfoot sightings detected by a participant of BFRO at a yard sale in Fostoria, Oregon. The BFRO participant was Cindy Maintain Seeking of Yakima. The assistant of the organization said, “Bigfoot at a yard sale. Bigfoot lives in the forest.”

Hack: That’s a big loss to BFRO.

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